Give Power to Your Guest: Introducing the Q3 Charging Station – A Game-Changer for Hotels!

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever, especially for hotel guests on vacation or event. Having a reliable charging solution for your hotel guests’ devices is essential. That’s why we at Bittel Americas are thrilled to introduce our newest product, the Q3 Charging Station – the ultimate solution for all your charging needs.

Wireless Charging Pad up to 15W

Say goodbye to tangled cords and inconvenient charging cables. With the Q3 Charging Station’s wireless charging pad, guests can power up their Qi-enabled devices with up to 15W of fast charging capability. Whether your guests have a smartphone, smartwatch, or other compatible device, charging has never been easier or more efficient.

Magnetic Position Charging

Experience seamless charging with our innovative magnetic position feature. Guest can place their device on the charging pad and let the magnetic technology securely hold it while charging. No more worrying about your guest device slipping or shifting during charging – with the Q3 Charging Station, your hotel guest device will stay put for a hassle-free experience.

Versatile Charging Options

The Q3 Charging Station has various charging options to suit your hotel guest needs. With two tamper-resistant power outlets, one USB-A charging port, and two USB-C charging ports (including one specifically designed for laptop charging), guests can charge multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that all their devices stay powered up and ready to go.

Built-In Surge Protection and ETL Listing

We understand the importance of protecting your valuable devices from power surges and fluctuations. That’s why the Q3 Charging Station features built-in surge protection and is ETL-listed, meeting strict UL standards for safety and reliability. Rest easy knowing your guest devices are safe with the Q3 Charging Station.

Sleek Design and Enhanced Security

Available in stylish black or silver grey (particularly, longer lead time), the Q3 Charging Station is designed to complement any environment, whether a hotel guest room conference or lobby. Plus, with security locking to reduce theft, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Q3 is secured and not going anywhere.

Convenient Features

The Q3 Charging Station goes above and beyond with thoughtful features designed to enhance your guest’s charging experience. With a 6ft power cord for added flexibility and an AC plug that incorporates an extension outlet, you have the flexibility to plug in additional devices with ease, making it the ultimate charging solution for your modern lifestyle.

Space-Saving Design

The Q3 Charging Station is just one inch longer than an iPhone 15 Pro Max, allowing you to maximize space on nightstands and other surfaces while still providing guests with convenient charging options.

In conclusion, the Q3 Charging Station by Bittel Americas is more than just a charging accessory – it’s a must-have for every hotel looking for a reliable, versatile, and convenient device charging solution. Whether it’s in a hotel guest room, lobby, or conference room, the Q3 Charging Station has you covered. Say hello to effortless charging and stay powered up with the Q3 Charging Station – your guest devices will thank you.

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Available for purchase March 2024

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