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Hotel Telephones & More



Our team is comprised of experienced hospitality industry professionals, with nearly every team member boasting a minimum of ten years industry experience, and several key members over twenty years experience.

Award winning design

Bittel was selected by an independent panel of experts as “Best New Technology Product”, and was also honored with the Kenneth F. Hine “Best of Show” award.

our service

Our San Jose headquarters provides fulfillment, customer service, and pre- and post-sales support. No matter where you do business, Bittel is there with the answers and solutions you need to keep you running smoothly.

Our guest room telephones are a testament to design-influenced innovation, boasting space-saving designs that optimize functionality and enhance the guest experience.


​Brand approved/preferred company

Bittel Americas has been selected as an approved/preferred hotel telephone option for all major hotel brands and a Required choice for numerous leading brands listed below.

MODA- Charger, Clock, and Speakerphone w/Qi Charging
MODA- Charger, Bluetooth/FMRadio, Clock, and Speakerphone w/Qi Charging
HT60 Hotel Telephone
HT20 Hotel telephone
HT20D Hotel Telephone
NEO DECT Hotel Telephone
UNOMedia5 DECT Hotel Telephone
77 DECT Mini Hotel Telephone

What we offer

At Bittel, we bring to the table win-win products to ensure happy customers and guests at your hotel. At the end of the day, moving forward is a new norm that has evolved from one product to the next. Capitalizing on what guests want and need while adding value to your hotel and saving you money in the long run. Overriding the “typical” nightstand look and providing innovative hotel telephones and technology. That’s why we introduced, MODA to the hospitality business. A product like no other, truly a one-of-a-kind hotel telephone.

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