Bittel China: Over 20 Years of Excellence
Operating in the same location for over twenty years, Shandong Bittel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has a long and successful history in the design and manufacturing of durable, feature-rich technology products for the hospitality industry. Located in northern China, 350 miles southeast of Beijing, in the picturesque seaside city of Rizhao, Bittel occupies a ten-acre manufacturing campus that is staffed by over 500 research and design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sales professionals. The dominant hospitality telephone provider in China for many years, Bittel has expanded into international markets, including North & South America, Europe, and Australia

Bittel Americas: An Experienced Team
Incorporated in early 2010, Bittel Americas supports North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Bittel Americas opened the doors of its 14,000 square foot administrative and fulfillment center in San Jose, California on March 1, 2010, providing complete customer service, support, order fulfillment, and warranty support services. Additionally, a team of highly experienced technical professionals provides lead research and design services for Bittel’s China-based engineering staff, which numbers over 30. The entire team of Bittel Americas is comprised of experienced hospitality industry professionals, with nearly every team member boasting a minimum of ten years of industry experience, and several key members over twenty years of experience.

Award-Winning Designs
In November 2009, Bittel launched the UNO series of hospitality telephony solutions at the global hotel industry’s largest annual event, the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show in New York. At that event, which drew over 35,000 attendees, Bittel’s UNOMedia was selected by an independent panel of experts as “Best New Technology Product”, and was also honored with the Kenneth F. Hine “Best of Show” award.

Elegantly combining a durable, full-featured guest room phone with a clock radio that features an integrated audio interface, the UNOMedia series is truly unique. Now, guests can enjoy their personal music collection in their hotel room using the phone, and hotels can save money and precious nightstand space by eliminating one item in every room. The convergence of multiple devices in guest-facing locations is Bittel’s unique niche in the market, and UNO represents the first in a series of revolutionary technology solutions for the hospitality industry.

Outstanding Value. Rock Solid Dependability.

Bittel continues its innovative approach to guest room technologies with a full complement of guest room telephones and integrated mobile device charging solutions to fit any room design and any budget. Bittels’ Neo series offers one of the industry’s smallest footprint for a full-function telephone. In partnership with Jacob Jensen, Bittel responds to the designer’s requirement with HT20 and HT60 models. Bittel expands its relationship with Jacob Jensen with its introduction of MODA. Truly innovative MODA is like no other offering a scalable response to technology and innovation for the next generation hotel room.

Uniquely Positioned to Serve You.
Bittel Americas is always close by, ready to support all your needs. Our San Jose headquarters provides fulfillment, customer service, and pre- and post-sales support. No matter where you do business, Bittel is there with the answers and solutions you need to keep your hotel running smoothly.





VP of Business Development


VP of Sales & Marketing


Executive Director of Sales, U.S. & Canada


Director of Sales - Eastern Region


Director of Sales, North Central Region


Office Manager


Marketing Specialist


Accounting/Order Admin Specialist


Customer Service Representative


Tyler Dover – Production Engineer Manager

Arthur Lapasaran – Technical Support Engineer

Phung Tran – Production Technician Engineer

Steven Dover – Warehouse Associate

Chris Fryer – Warehouse Associate

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