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Enhancing Guest Experience

Today’s guest expects more from the technology in the guest room. UNOMedia 4 responds to that expectation integrating alarm clock, mobile device charging, music playing, and improved access to guest services enhancing the guest experience, saving the hotel money with improved efficiency making more time available to focus on guest needs.




Stereo Bluetooth Optional

Stereo Bluetooth for Playing High Fidelity Music From iPod/iPhone ,Smart Phones etc.  





Charge Any Guest Device

UNOMedia 4’s EasyCharger, provides USB ports and hardwired connections are compatible with the most popular mobile devices. EasyCharger makes charging of your guest’s mobile devices convenient and easily accessible.






Multi Audio Support

UNOMedia 4’s MFC(Multi function Cable) offers various multimedia connections for guest enjoyment of their favorite music selections. In addition to Standard Audio and Apple 30 pin connector for audio UNOMedia 4 offers Micro USB and Apple’s 30 pin and Lightning connectors for mobile device charging.






Big Sound from Small Device

UNOMedia 4 with HI-Fi speaker technology delivers amazing HD sound quality in a space efficient footprint.






Clock & Radio Feature

UNOMedia 4 integrates a finely tuned FM radio offering crisp reception in even the most difficult environments. Last station memory makes returning to your guests favorite station easy. Single day, 10 minute, cascading ALARM insures functional alarm features without the annoyance of non wanted ALARM occurrences.




 Telephone Features   
 ●Cordless (DECT) and corded models ●High fidelity audio performance 
 ●TDM (analog) and VoIP (SIP) models ●Large dimmable multi-function display 
 ●Single-and two-line configurations ●Two powered USB ports 
 ●Speakerphone ●Optional time-set remote control makes time corrections easy 
 ●Up to 10 programmable guest service keys ●Auto Daylight Savings Time adjust 
 ●Large faceplate area for branding and dialing or operating   
   instructiongs Specification 
 ●Message waiting indicator compatible with all major hospitality Dimensions&Weight : L*W*H(mm): 230*185*116 1.269kg 
   PBXs Package Box Dimension : 435*350*215(mm) 
   Package (set/carton) : 8 Set/Carton 
 Alarm Clock & Audio Features Approvals: ISO9001 Quality Control ROHS, ETL, CCC, 
 ●Easy-to-use alarm clock/radio with snooze CE FCC Part 15 & Part 68 
 ●FM tuner with search Colors: Black/Ivory 
 ●Audio input for portable music player   

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