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A NewEra for Guestroom Nightstand Devices


Bittel recently unveiled new generation multi-media centre called UNOMedia 5, which combines the essential features & functions required by hotels such as Bluetooth, NFC, charging station, radio, alarm clock and hotel phone in one. UNOMedia 5 adopt high-grade aluminum alloy faceplate with elegant acrylic panel to keep consistency with hotels' concept & style. Premium loudspeaker with impressive subwoofer performance is definitely comparable with other mainstream speakers. Up to 7 charging ports(4 pcs USB smart charging ports & one MFC cable ) can perfectly satisfy the charging demands for iDevice, Android and other portable devices. UNOMedia 5 bring major changes to hotels.



High Quality Stereo Speakers

High performance sound system brings improved audio experience to guests.
Can also be used as high quality conference station.





Touchless Bluetooth pairing, enjoying music has never been easier.


NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled touchless pairing.
Bluetooth connection is initiated automatically by placing
mobile devices near the UNOMedia 5.
Specially designed Bluetooth features for Hotels address both the ease of use and security concerns for hotels.





High Powered Rapid Charger made specifically for hospitality environment

Patented Multi Function Cable provides multiple charging ports allowing guests to charge even if they left their charger at home.
Four additional powerful USB charging ports
Extensive support for all variety of mobile devices, Apple, Android, ....



Everything you need in ONE device


 Alarm Clock & Audio Features Telephone Features 
 ●NFC enabled Bluetooth for wireless music streaming DECT 6.0 for Crystal clear conversations 
 ●Easy-to-use alarm clock/radio with snooze Full Duplex Speakerphone on base & handset 
 ●Any key Snooze, Alarm can be silenced by lifting the telephone  ProGard moisture-resistant keyboard 
 handset Power Failure (Lifeline) Mode 
 ●Single Day Alarm, time limited duration ●Up to 10 programmable base speed dial keys 
 ●Auto ascending Alarm Volume ●Hearing aid compatible handset  
 ●Audio input for portable music player DuraFace arcylic surface with slide-in facepaltes for easy installation 
 ●High performance sound system ●Single-line or Two-line 
 ●Daylight Saving Time(DST) auto change  Automatic Handset Synchronization 
   Battery Hibernation Mode 
   Dynamic Transmit Power 
   ●Multi Remote Handset Support 
 Charging Features Specification 
 ●High Powered Rapid Charger Dimension:6.9*6.5*2(in) 
 ●4 high powered USB charge ports  Handset cord: 144(in)  
 ●Patented Multi Function Connectors provide Apple Lightning  Line cord: 78.72(in)  
 Connector, Apple Legacy 30 pin Connector,  Weight: 3.09Ib  
 Micro USB Connector for any Android, Blackberry, etc.  Color: BLack  
 ●Battery back-up for Clock and Alarm  Power Adaptor: 7.5V 3A 22.5W  
   Rated Power: 20W  
   Standby Power:  0.35W  
   Quality Regulation System:  ISO9001  
   Certification: FCC,CE,CCC  
   Package(set/carton): 8 Sets/Carton 


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