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Bittel Partners with Bell Xpress to Bring its Danish Designe

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Bittel Partners with Bell Xpress to Bring its Danish Designer Series Phones to Hotels

The new JACOB JENSEN™ by Bittel designer series emphasizes style and a small footprint


San Jose, Calif. — September 1, 2014 — When it comes to guestroom phones, "Slim is In" according to telecom manufacturer Bittel. The company is introducing a sleek guestroom phone designed specifically for the hotel space that places more emphasis on style and a small footprint at the bedside. Developed in Denmark by Bell Xpress A/S, Jacob Jensen Design Studio, and RTX, the JACOB JENSEN™ telephone series is now being made available exclusively to hotels by Bittel.
"For years hotel designers have been asking phone manufacturers to trim the size of its guestroom phones without reducing visual appeal and functionality," said Mr. Cao Xiangui, Bittel President and CEO. "Bittel recently partnered with Danish phone manufacturer Bell Xpress to bring its JACOB JENSEN™ designer series to the hotel market. From the moment we saw the phone, we knew that it was perfect for brands that demand that 'little extra' in the room that translates to a more beautiful stay. It's everything that designers and hoteliers alike are asking for. We showed the new JACOB JENSEN™ series at HITEC in June, and people were really drawn to it.

"We believe that the JACOB JENSEN™ by Bittel will quickly become the phone series of choice by design-conscious hotel brands around the world," Cao said. "Bittel is thrilled to be in partnership with Bell Xpress, and we are eager to begin installing the JACOB JENSEN™ designer series at style-conscious hotels in the worldwide hotel market."

“JACOB JENSEN is the world leading designer for the hotel and home living products, but we are looking for a partner who can develop the hotel features on the Jacob Jensen phones, meanwhile can support the products to worldwide hotel industry, Bittel is absolutely the best partner. We are pleased establishing the partnership with Bittel ” said Mr. Soren Hagelskjer, CEO of Bell Xpress A/S.
The JACOB JENSEN™ HT20 is everything that today's hotel designers dream of for in-room equipment. The HT20 trimline unit is ideal for the bedside with the keypad contained within the headset. A more comprehensive phone, the HT60, is available for the desktop. To blend the device with room decor, the phone's back plate (pictured below in silver) is also available in gold, bronze or black.

Bittel's JACOB JENSEN™ HT20 features:
● Analog
● Single Line Trimline
● Keypad in Handset
● Flash, Redial and Volume Control
● 5 Year Warranty

Bittel's JACOB JENSEN™ HT60 features:
● Analog
● Single Line Speakerphone
● Up to 8 Programmable Buttons
● Caller ID Display
● 5 Year Warranty
Bittel's JACOB JENSEN™ HT60 features eight programmable memory keys, pre-defined configurations of the user menu and functions, user blocking to avoid guest room changes, message waiting indication and configuration memory back-up. The HT60 desktop telephone, as well as the HT20 handset, can be freestanding or mounted on the wall. Each unit can be bought and installed separately.
For more information on JACOB JENSEN™ by Bittel, email at . For more information on Bittel America's full line of in-room equipment options, visit
About Bell Xpress:
Bell Xpress is an innovative Danish company who develops, manufactures, markets and globally distributes products designed by the renowned design company JACOB JENSEN DESIGN.
Bell Xpress was founded by Bo Frandsen and Soeren Hagelskjaer in 1993. A desire to create extraordinary design solutions for home living has resulted in a broad product line spanning from telephones to kitchenware. In the cause of the years a number of successful design products have been brought to life, and Bell Xpress continually focus on improving home living products – both the design and the functionality.
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