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​Bittel Unveiled New Charging Solution for Classic Hotel Ph

Author: adminUpdated: 2015-06-02 15:19
Bittel Unveiled New Charging Solution for Classic Hotel Phones

News Release  

Bittel Unveils Charge Station at 15th

Rizhao, China (Oct. 15th, 2014)----Bittel Electronics, the leading global hotel phone and multimedia connectivity panel manufacturer, is honored to announce its latest product Charge Station has been unveiled to the market on 15th, Oct. 2014.
Sometime’s a little foundation is all that is needed to turn a Classic into a Classic Beauty…………. Introducing Bittel’s latest charger….
 Provides 2 Hi Powered USB Ports for charging mobile devices including mobile phones and Tablets
Is available with Bittel’s Patented Multi Charging cable (MCC) supporting most manufacturers charging requirements

 Easily Upgrade ANY of your existing Bittel products;

38 Series
32 Series
12 Series
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