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Name: NEO Series        Model: 62      Datasheet Download

                                Unique features                  Basic function 
                                Ultra thin design by international   Analog, SIP and DECT cordless models  
   prestigious design firm.   available. 
   Multiple colors optional for different   Up to 10 guest service keys. 
   hotel interior deisgns.   Comaptible with all major PBXs for message 
   Portrait and landscape format optional for   waiting indicators. 
   different hotel decoration needs.   Full length faceplate for hotel name& logo 
   Dual USB charging ports for mobile devices   and phone instruction printing. 
   charging including iPhone/iPad, and Samsung   Multiple patented functions including 
   smartphones(Portrait only).   programming cloning technology, dialed 
   Unique 45 degrees of dial button printing,   phone numbers disappearing after preset 
   unique design for sepecial esthetic beauty.   time, etc. 
     Hearing Aid Compatible. 
     Speaker and Handset volume three-step 
  Upright model :193×110×101(mm)    
  Low profile model:204×110×87(mm)                    Approvals: 
  Coiled line: 2.0m Straight line: 2.7m   ISO9001 Quality Control 
                              Weight:0.8kg   ROHS, ETL, CCC, CE 
                              Package (set/carton):16Set/Carton   FCC Part 15 & Part 68 


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