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    Name: UNO Meida Cordless Phone       Model: 68WD-10S      Datasheet Download

UNOMedia cordless phones is an all-in-one guestroom Phone/Audio Player/ Alarm Clock Radio featuring an embedded iPhone/iPod dock and charging station with integrated cables for iDevices and other MP3 players. Guests can listen to the radio or their own music and wake to the unit’s Daily Alarm Feature. It has the upgradable EasyCharge cable. Guest can conveniently connect their Apple legacy(iPhone 4s and older),Apple lightning(iPhone 5 and new iPad),Micro USB and andio 3.5 (for music).

UNOMedia cordless phones are loaded with great features (many unique to Bittel) that make them easier for you to maintain, and provide greater guest satisfaction. From full duplex speakerphones, to automated speed dial programming, the industry’s best faceplate design and more, your Bittel cordless phones will be a hit in the front and the back of the house.  


            Unique Features:




Line cord





Ivory, charcoal option

Flash time

100ms,300ms,600ms optional, standard 600ms

Message Waiting Light Voltage

Standard 90~150V DC,  
Customized various MWL card compatible with PBX: AVAYA, Siemens, Philips, Alcatel, NEC, Nortel, Mitel, Panasonic, etc.

Cordless Handset Range

Up to 300' /100m(may vary due to environment factors)

Guest Service Key Programming

Manually Store(YES) Hand-held Cloner R.P.(YES) Master Cloner on line(YES)

Quality Control System

ISO9001, ISO14001

Quality Approval


FCC rules

The unit complies with part 15 and part 68 of the FCC rules and regulations

Box Dimension


Package (set/carton)

8 Set/Carton

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