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  Sometime's a little foundation is all that is needed to turn a Classic into a

 Classic Beauty .......

Introducing  Bittel's latest charger....







Provides 2 Hi Powered USB Ports for

charging mobile devices including mobile

phones and Tablets

Is available with Bittel's Patented Multi

Charging cable (MCC) supporting most

manufacturers charging requirements




Easily Upgrade ANY of  your existing Bittel


38 series

32 series

12 series

 38 Series32 Series 


12 Series

 Provides two high powered USB ports for.Size: 130*70*38(mm) 
 charging mobile devicesColor: Ivory&Black 
  Adaptor Specifications:9V 1A 
 Available in Black or CreamOpen-circut Voltage:5.18V 
  Charging Current: For single device, the 
 Optional-Multi Charging Cable (MCC)maximum is 5V 1.8A for two devices, the 
 Includes three connectors, Apple traditionalmaximum is 5V 2.1A 
 Apple lightning, and Micro USB 

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