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Our Advantage
There are a number of great reasons why Bittel is your best choice in communications solutions. It can be difficult to cut through all the hype, and make an informed decision. In this document, we outline some of the major advantages of Bittel.

We own the factory.

It’s all in one place: Research and design, manufacturing, quality assurance and more. All directly managed by our own highly-trained

workforce, not subcontractors.

Engineered from the groun up.

Over thirty highly educated engineers that architect and design everything we build, from the first schematics all the way through to final


Built better to last longer.

From the unsurpassed quality of our circuit

boards to better quality components and more

refined assembly processes, Bittel phones are

simply built better.


Modern Facility and Specialized Team.

Bittel’s factory covers an area of 66660

square meters with a workshop area of 7000

square meters. With more than 150 sets of

advanced equipments and more than 600 employees dedicated to producing phones, Bittel is the

only manufactory which commits herself just in professional hotel phone production in the

world. We pride ourselves on being the only

world-famous brand in the hotel telephone

industry that combines research, development,

sales and aftre-sales service together.      

Testing, testing, testing. Then even more testing.
No one goes to greater lengths than Bittel to ensure the highest quality

in every product we make. All components and

finished goods undergo

an intense regimen of testing, from the moment components arrive at our factory doors right

up until products ship. We subject our phones

to a variety of environmental conditions:

extreme heat and cold; high humidity and low

humidity; salt spray; vibration tests; drop

tests; lightning tests,and more. By the time

your phones arrive at your site, they’ve

really been put through the wringer.

Double-injected keys that last longer.

Way longer.

Instead of simply silk-screening numbers and

letters on our keys (like some manufacturers do) we take the time to double-inject our keys in the manufacturing process, to ensure that

keypads and function keys stay as legible as

the day they were made, no matter how many times they’ve been pressed. It may seem like a

small thing, but our process is so much better, it’s an advantage you’ll benefit from now,

and way into the future.

Magnetic hook switches for better


Many of our phones employ the use of

magnetic hook switches. After more than twenty years of designing and building hospitality

telephony solutions, we’ve found that perhaps one thing matters most: reliability.That’s why we offer magnetic hook switches, which are

much more dependable than mechanical ones. It’s simple: there’s nothing to wear out. So, no matter how many times your guests slam down the receiver, your Bittel phones just keep working and working.

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