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  • Brand:    Bittel
  • Type:    MediaJack-Mini

Model: MediaJack-Mini
Material: Acrylic surface+Brushed Aluminum Alloy Frame
Color: Silver, Black, Champagne
MediaJack-Mini is Bittel’s latest innovation for hotels customized need for compact outlook and powerful functions Mediajack solution. With most popular interfaces and compact outlook of 86mm * 86mm panel mountable on a standard 86mm back box, MediaJack-Mini is emerging as ideal solution for top end hotel and resorts. With wired/wireless music inputs, HDMI video inputs, USB charging and USB transfering, MediaJack-Mini is a one stop solution for guests demands for power charging, music/audio playing and movieideo watching, thus emerges as the ideal solution for both business and leisure guests.

Unique Features
Compact outlook with only 86mm X 86mm Panel, mountable on standard BS/EU standard/86 standard back box. No need for extra back box deploying.
Unique Acrylic panel plus brushed aluminum alloy frame with multiple colors optional for flexible customization.
HDMI port of 1.4 protocol compatible with latest HD 1080P audio Video content.
HDMI CEC function of HDMI input makes plug & play a snap.
Stereo Bluetooth with A2DL features enables high definition wireless music streaming to TV.
Direct pairing of Bluetooth without PINs gives easy usage to guests.
Mini Audio Port for cabled audio input for more classic input connection.
USB charger 0.5A and 2.1 A, ready to charge all kinds of smartphones/tablets.
USB transfer for USB data in.

Interfaces Illustration
HDMI Port (HDMI 1.4)
Stereo Bluetooth
Mini Audio Port
USB chargers of 0.5A.
USB Transfer for data in.

Dimensions and Installation
External size: 86mm*86mm
In-wall cables: HDMI cables, mini audio cables, and USB cables.
DC Adapter mounting type: External.
Internal size:64mm*58mm*45mm (L*W*D)
Mounting type: Wall mounting/desk mounting

Caution: Cabling to the TV shall be done from TV side to Mediajack-Mini mounting position. PH type HDMI plugs shall be protected from rough handling.

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